Why Harrisburg River Monsters?

Why am I starting the River Monsters? Very easy - FOR THE KIDS!!! I feel that Central PA - Harrisburg / Hershey area needs this new organization / club to get more kids playing and loving Roller Hockey in the Spring and Summer time.

Yes USA Hockey preaches play multiple sports away from hockey but guess what, Roller is another sport , but at same time, uses some of the same Ice Hockey skills. Ironically, Roller can increase your skill level to bring back to Ice Hockey in the Fall. I've seen it with myself, my own son and many other players I've seen through out the years.

My son Brody (11 years old) played last year with the Downingtown Cobras 10u AA team. Great season, went 22-2. I also got to coach again, got to know Jamie DiDominico better. Was a great year and experience. Can't say anything bad except, it was in West Chester, like 90 minutes away. I know we have enough talent right here in Central PA to field these teams and different age divisions. This is my new goal to build Roller Hockey again right here in Central PA like in the 1990's. Ice Hockey players, you have to try ROLLER!!! It's more laid back and super FUN for your spring and summer hockey.

People, the NHL is changing right before our eyes!!! There's hardly any fighting. The goon aspect is almost gone. Legal crushing hits are frowned upon lately. The big huge hockey players might be a thing of the past in the next 10 years. The new NHL is FAST, more skilled, I feel players won't have to be 6' 5" soon. Its going to change to more skill than size. Perfect timing for these very skilled Roller Hockey kids coming up.

So many NHL players now have roller hockey backgrounds (I'll post another BLOG with all of them). You guys see USA World Jr team win the Gold this year? The kid, TROY TERRY that went 4 for 4 in the shootouts for USA to win the semi and final game, guess why they kept going to him in the shoot out? He's a super skilled Roller Hockey player from Colorado. Troy has played in the State Wars tournaments for over 10 years. His puck control and dekes, NO Doubt, he learned thru Roller Hockey.

I'm very excited to launch the HBG River Monsters and watch it grow just as I did with my apparel brand Kid DynaMite and the sport of BMX over the last 4 years. KDM now has 27 teams across the US with over 700 riders in jerseys. Love to see this happen with the River Monsters.

See you guys at the rink soon and looking forward to this new challenge



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